1 Kings 21

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King Ahab just doesn't get it. In Chapter 19, God used Elijah to show him the reality and power of the true LORD. In Chapter 20, We see God promising to protect and bring victory to Ahab and the people of Israel. But at the end of chapter 20, Ahab has mercy on King Ben-hadad and lets him free, going against the will of God. And now here, in Chapter 21, we see King Ahab throw a temper tantrum because his materialistic virtues demanded that he take control of Naboth's vineyard. Make a short story even shorter, Ahab complains to his evil wife Jezebel, who in turn orders the killing of Naboth and then gives the uncontrolled vineyard to Ahab. Looks like he got exactly what he wanted without even doing anything. wrong. After Elijah comes back on the seen, read what God had to say about Ahab in verse 18.

"...Hast thou killed, and also taken possession?" KJV

Just as Adam was guilty for the first sin even though Eve ate of the fruit, Ahab is guilty even though Jezebel did the dirty work. Ahab was the one that complained to his wife about his problems and did not tell the whole story. Ahab complained because he knew his wife would do something about it. Therefore, God looks at Ahab and asks, "Did you just kill Naboth for his possession?"

But after all Ahab has done, the minute Ahab humbles himself in verse 27, the LORD has mercy on Ahab. He doesn't take away the consequence of all Ahab's sin, but he has mercy on him. The steps are coming together for Ahab, each chapter we see God pulling him closer and closer. So does Ahab choose to repent and follow the Lord? or does he return back into carnality? God can only do so much to show us His love, but in the end we have to choose to love him back. He can't force us to choose Him.