Colossians 4 (mainly first 6 verses)

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This chapter is a chapter of how to be a master. summed up, that is the general theme. We see in the first verse, Paul addresses masters. So who is a master? . . . Do you have anyone that looks up to you? Maybe you are in charge of them as a boss or a teacher? Maybe you are a leader of an organization? Maybe you just have a lot of influence in your group of friends? Next year, I am going to be the men's group leader for Cru, so that would be just one scenario I can think of for me personally that will place me in a leadership role. whatever the case, Paul lists here several steps to follow as masters.

1) verse 1 - Be just and equal to those that look up to you. Treat everyone with respect in the same degree. Don't make favorites or pay out love unfairly.

2) verse 2 - Continue in prayer and be thankful for answered prayers.First off, pray for those continually that look up to you. Pray that God would show you how to lead daily. Pray for his will on your life. simply pray. Philippians 4:6-7 tells us to pray about everything! And then, don't just pray, but watch your prayers with thanksgiving! If a prayer gets answered, don't take credit, or forget about it, thank God!

3) verse 3-4 - Pray for those that are placed above you. Those that you look up to. Paul asks the people at Colosse to pray for him while he is in prison that God would open a door for him to share the gospel and that God would make it known what Paul would say. That's an amazing heart! Continue to pray for those above you, that they might know how to lead, how to share the gospel.

4) verse 5 - Walk with wisdom. Don't be foolish, walk in wisdom for there are people looking up to you. As stated in Romans 14: 14-23, don't do anything that would cause a fellow brother to stumble. Even if you don't have a conviction against it, your brother might, so be walking with wisdom!

5) verse 6 - Let your speech cause thirst in others! This is a great verse. salt causes thirst. Paul tells us to let our speech be filled with grace and seasoned with salt that we might know how to answer every man. When someone comes to us, we should flood them with God's love and grace and make them thirst for God. You can do that simply by pouring out unconditional love on others, being a witness to the testament of Jesus Christ. But once again, refer to step 2: pray pray pray!